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01-22-2010, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
No team needs to be as "tough" as Philly though. What exactly have they won with all that toughness lately?
I agree with this. This whole gritty and tough vs. soft thing is getting out of hand really. Do teams need to play with an edge? Yes. Do players have to protect their assets, and most of all earn respect of other teams so they know they're not going to stand around like a bunch of Girardis and watch it go down? Yes! However, some of the stuff being thrown out around here though makes it sound like we should have a whole team of Carcillos beating the living **** out of anything that moves, instead of scoring goals.

There's a difference between playing hockey and just acting like a bunch of meatheads jacked on 'roids for 60 minutes. I sincerely doubt any of the top 5 - 10 teams in the league right now attribute the majority of their success to how gritty their team is, as much as their ability to play a solid 60 minutes night in and out, for the most part.

To a degree there needs to be an increase in the edge the Rangers have to their game, I think the two games before the Flyers debacle showed just enough of it to win games effectively. Despite the fact those teams were playing poorly themselves. The bottom line is, they just can't roll over and die when a team who actually shows up to play 60 minutes of hockey is on the ice.

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