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01-22-2010, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by cheesymc View Post
How does he compare to Burmistrov?

I read Burm was the fastest skater, even beating out Hall. I also read from a publication that all Burm has is speed and not much else, but others describing Datsyk in that hes a 2 way player and very skilled.

Now Im curious how Evgeny compares. He sounds slower, but more of a finisher than Burm.

Too bad we dont get to watch some of these games in the US, then we could judge and be scouts ourselves.
Burmistrov is a tad lower overall than Kuznetsov, I personally believe.

Kuznetsov is a smooth skating juggernaut who could seriously do some damage. His hockey sense is right up there with the best of them in this draft. Could work on his positioning a tad. I think him and Burmistrov are just about the same for speed, maybe giving the edge to Burmistrov cuz he is the smaller of the two. As for stickhandling, shooting, and passing, Kuznetsov completely is on another level than Burmistrov. I hate to say that because I think Burmistrov will be the guy to play in the NHL and Kuznetsov may stick in Russia. Kuznetsov has blazing fast hands and can control the puck as if it were attached to his stick. His shot is accurate with a very quick release, and has the ability to set up plays. For the Russians in this draft, I think the will fall past the first round, except for maybe Kabanov and, if he is lucky, Tarasenko. But I would rank the Russian talent like this:


I really hope all of them end up playing in the NHL, because the talent that they bring is at the top of this draft. Going to be really exciting to see what they can do in the NHL when given the opportunity.

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