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01-22-2010, 11:50 PM
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Any info at all on Central Hockey League expansion, franchise relocation, health?

Anybody know of anything at all on the horizon for the CHL in the off-season? seems like getting any info about expansion, relocation, franchise health, etc. is so hard to come by compared to other leagues.

What's going on with the inactive Ice Bats franchise? I remember talk of a move to Beaumont. How about New Mexico or Broomfield either reactivating in their original markets or elsewhere? I'm assuming they're just going to cease to exist and shut down.

Does anyone know of anything at all in terms of Vail Co., Yuma, or Bullhead City and upcoming arena projects? Is it safe to say that all are pipe dreams? How about Reno?

I find it strange that there is just nothing on these boards (or even Into the Boards forums, what foums do CHL fans post on?) ever about the CHL and future movement in terms of anything until after it happens (i.e. Oklahoma City).

I've been hearing that Amarillo is almost certainly gone after this year and other than that info on the league is hard to come by.

It doesn't seem like it was too long ago that the CHL had 22 teams and was gaining strength and now we're down to 15 with some looking like they may fold after this season. The novelty appears to have worn off in some markets and the economy isn't helping. Not looking rosy at all for a league that at one point had better attendance and more stable markets than the ECHL.

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