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09-24-2003, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BigBully4
Just got NHL 2004 for the PC last night, and it kicks ESPN Hockey's ass (for the PS2). Graphics are much better. Gameplay, while not as advanced, is still excellent. Sound is awesome, and the Dynasty Mode is terrific. You can schedule practices, for Christ's sake. Also, who needs the "special tokens" in ESPN, only to collect enough to get the Devils '95 team and HAVE TO ADJUST THE LINEUP YOURSELF???!?? What fun is that? Where is my incentive? Albelin is from Finland? Who is the Czech defenseman on that team? Shawn Chambers? And why the hell is Stephane Richer a Devil in the game but NOT ON THE 95 TEAM? Inexcusable. Plus, Thorne and Clement. 'Nuff said. Also, where are the replays during a great save? All it shows are players with their stats.
All noteworthy criticisms of ESPN's NHL 2k4 hockey even if some of them are minor gripes common with many pro sports titles today. I have ESPN NHL 2K4 for the X-Box and initially I wasn't all that impressed by it after all the hype and success of last years edition. The more time I spend with it though the more I'm growing to like it more and more. The skills competition is incredibly addictive in and of itself. I managed to win the fastest skating competition with John Madden the other night against the Calgary Flames and had a lot of fun doing the individual hardest slapshot contests and breaking the four targets in x amount of shots drill. Bill Clement's voice and repeated commentaries are major league annoying to myself. Don't know how many times I can stand to hear how Scott Stevens once led the team in scoring playing as NJ! Repetition like this is maddening just as it is with bad commercials. There is so much micro-management built into this game that its quite a task all by itself tweaking all the various sliders in pursuit of the most realistic game experience you can get. That is my biggest gripe of all so far. Everyone loves options, but wow is it pretty overwhelming to say the least. I had serious issues putting together my desired Devils lines as well for a number of reasons which further disappoints me. Additionally, I still can't figure out why Brodeur's mask is rendered the way it is. Minor detail but come on!