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Originally Posted by adurn
Maybe I should have reworded the question.

In what document are those rules contained?
I guess it would be the NHL rules. Here are some sites that speak of the draft eligibility and rules etc:

In 1978, the NHL saw the first players re-enter the Entry Draft after being selected by NHL clubs in 1977.
Any player 20-years of age or younger that has not signed a contract within two years of being drafted or has not received a bona fide offer from the NHL club that drafted them within one year of being drafted are subject to re-enter the Entry Draft. All contracts or bona fide offers must be completed before June 1, 2004.
I'm not sure if these are governed by the CBA or the League's policies and procedures.

EDIT: It looks like Entry Draft policies fall into the CBA jurisdiction:

here is the unsigned draft pick UFA clause:

(d) Draft Related Unrestricted Free Agents.

(i) Any Player not eligible for claim in
any future Entry Draft pursuant to this Agreement and not on a
Club's Reserve List shall be an unrestricted free agent.
Further, any player eligible for claim in the Entry Draft but who
was unclaimed shall be an unrestricted free agent subject to the
provisions of Section 8.9(b).

8.9. Eligibility for Play in the League. No player shall be
eligible for play in the League unless he:

(a) had been claimed in the 1994 Supplemental Draft or in
the last Entry Draft, or was ineligible for claim in the 1994
Supplemental Draft or under Section 8.4(a); or

(b) had been eligible for claim in the last Entry Draft but
was unclaimed, and:

(i) had played hockey in North America the
prior season and was age 20 or older at the time of the last
Entry Draft, and signed a Player Contract which was signed and
registered with the League between the conclusion of the Entry
Draft and commencement of the next NHL season.

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