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01-23-2010, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Yeah, but in the playoffs, that can get dicey.

Just as a hypothetical, I'd rather have the guy who puts up the .920 every night in the playoffs instead of the guy who puts up a .900 one night and a .940 the next night.

Obviously that's a basic example, but there's a lot of risk in Emery's game and in a 7 game series, if your goalie blows a couple games, that can be the difference between advancing and playing golf.
I see what you're trying to say about the save percentages, but it really doesn't matter. In the year that the Pens won the Cup, Fleury had a save percentage of .908 overall. In the most recent year that Osgood won it, he had a .930 save percentage. That's a huge difference.

Really, the team in front of the goalie affects the playoffs far, far more then the actual goalie. For instance, if our defense is clearing rebounds like they did for Leighton (a truly crappy goalie) they can beef up his stats and make him look much better then he actually is.

When our team is playing like it's supposed to be there's no need for an "elite" goalie. We can make Michael Leighton look like a world-beater.

Besides, there's no point in worrying about Emery or the playoffs until we're actually in the playoffs and Emery has given us a cause for concern.

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