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01-23-2010, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
I have no problem with a local kid who plays for the Habs receiving praise IJ. (Great nickname btw ).

My problem with RDS is they gush over opposing teams players because they are French Canadian. When they should be concentrating more on our team. I've lost count at how many times I've heard an RDS announcer drool while talking about an opposing teams "French Canadian" player.
ya, have to agree with that. They go overboard. You just know when we play the other team and one of their fanboys is on it, they will get Gelinas or Lavoie to "hang" with them and shoot the ****.

I'm proud to be from Quebec and I'm happy for Darche just cuz of what he's had to go through, so fine with that. Somewhat ok with Lappy being the new Lats (Benoit was counting the stats for all the secondary scorers, in the sense that they were bad. After he mentioned Laps, he followed with, "but you can't really count Lapierre cuz he's mostly on the 4th line", which btw is bs) cuz it's only Brunet. Not happy about the ragging on Russians, Finns, basically non-Quebecers cuz as much as I loathe Cherry, it's the same kind of provincial xenophobia. The thing is, it's not like it happens once in awhile. It's ALL the time. Anytime we play the Bruins (OUR RIVALS!!!!), they chat with Bergeron when I want him to go f himself rather than interview. Leafs -- Beauchemin. Then there are the disgruntled X-Habs who are franco.

One thing to be proud, another to be radical. I think Demers has the right sentiment and levels of adulation (i.e. in check). Joel too. He'll give credit and criticism where it's due, independent of creed, but like, yes, all of us Montrealers, is proud when a French Canadian is doing well, but might not shove it in our face when it's at the expense of the team (please don't talk to Pominville after he schools us, I'm not in the mood).

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