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09-24-2003, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by PatrickRoy33
Eklund I think is better than Lawson, at this would give time for Lawson to be a starter in the ECHL....they signed Lawson as a precaution, but that was BEFORE the Lightning entered into an agreement with the Bears.
I understand that, but the Avs did sign Lawson themselves. I'd imagine he'd get preferrential treatment in this case, as long as he's deserving of it. I have no idea if Eklund is better than Lawson and I don't doubt that to be the truth either. But, being better than another player doesn't always translate into getting the deserved spot, especially in a dual affiliation kind of situation. Just may be that Lawson isn't ready for the big step up from UHL hockey to AHL hockey.

Originally Posted by PatrickRoy33
I don't see McAllister going to Hershey, he'd be picked up on waivers if they tried to send him down. Smith, very well could end up in Hershey, but his role would be no diffrent than it would be on the Av's....mostly a lower Dman or 4th liner. Decaire should be given a decent shot at the 3-5 spot, because if he shows half of what he did in Tampa, he won't be there for long, and then Hershey can have one of the favs back in either Trepanier or Rumble....
I agree; I think McAllister would be taken on waivers as well. Smith is an AHL talent and I agree on that as well. Basically, I think the Bears will have at least Viitanen, Clark, and one of Liles/Slovak as the top 3. Dicaire could easily slip in as the last guy in the top four or Fixter could stick with players he's more familiar with. I could see Finger, Saviels, and Jerrant going to the ECHL, but I expect Jerrant to probably stick with the Bears. Everything is speculative at the moment; it really depends on Fixter and his preferences.

Originally Posted by PatrickRoy33
I just don't see Aubin sticking with the Avalanche this year....too many guys fghting for that spot....Artukhin and Soucy are close to the level of the AV's top prospects, so I don't think they'd get turned away....Craig is an unknown as of now....
Aubin wasn't a favorite to stick last year, but somehow he did (don't ask me why either). I think Larsen and Willsie are more on the outs with the organization based on the way they've been handled the past couple of seasons. I haven't heard either of them doing anything worthy of distinction during the preseason either. I'd say those two are the more likely cuts at this time. My opinion of course. As for Artukhin and Soucy, again, I don't think it's as much a question of their comparative talent level as much as I think the dual affiliation means the Bolts players take more of a backseat. I know how bad it got at times in Springfield and I honestly have no idea whether Fixter would be any better for the Bolts players in that respect.

Originally Posted by PatrickRoy33
Kuleshov could fall off the planet and no one would miss him....Voltera, he'd be kept in Hershey only as a fighter, as I don't think he offers much else....Cummins has already said he'd retire if he didn't make the AV's....
Where did Cummins say that? Not saying he didn't, but I don't recall anything like that off the top of my head. Agreed on Voltera as well.

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