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09-24-2003, 10:47 AM
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Interesting point that needs to be made is people will retaliate more during the preseason than during the regular season. In the preseason, you have guys like Nichol and co. trying hard to make the team. They are willing to risk making players like Kloucek mad because they want a roster spot. In the regular season, players will be more leery of drawing the ire of our heavy hitters. Players like Kloucek and Tootoo will not slow down when the regular season hits. They hit, it's a major part of their game and what we see in the preseason isn't a one and done spectacle. They'll bring the wood every game. Who's going to retaliate against us? Even the big guys should be wary. If you are big and slow, watch out for Hammy's hipchecks. Don't let him catch you fumbling for the puck in the Neutral zone.

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