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01-23-2010, 09:20 PM
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Watched Morin play the last two nights...and evidently picked a good two games to watch. I can't remember if he has 6 or 7 or 8 points, so I'll just say he scored "a lot".

First off, unless he completely ignores his skating and doesn't progress at all, you've got a bloody steal on your hands. Let me sum it up: my Leafs held the 50th pick last year, and the entire time I was hoping we'd trade up for Morin based on sheer reputation as a raw sniper with hands. This year, we get Paradis in a trade, who went almost 20 picks before Morin, and isn't even half the talent.

Morin isn't a terrible skater, he just doesn't have any extra gear, and will have trouble keeping up with the rush at the pro level...but I'd expect him to improve, as it is his major weakness and will be worked on. His shot is his obvious trump card, so I'll pass that's ridiculous. His hands surprised me; he's good in close and pulled a filthy dangle last night on the D-man then scored on the play. When he gets his blood up he'll hit and is fairly good at it, and though he's no defensive specialist (as most high end talents aren't at that age) he's benefited from playing with Skinner, in that his high energy play infects Morin at times to backcheck.

Simply put, I'd have killed to have Burke trade up last year and grab him...and I'd probably take Morin over any player taken after the 20th pick last it stands now. After another year or two, with even a moderate level of dedication on his part, Morin will become one hell of an offensive player at the pro level.

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