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01-24-2010, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
im not sure i agree with that, I think different players have different degrees of tradeability.

I think Redden, yeah, youre right, which is why just waiving him is the best option.

Drury, if he didnt have a NMC, probably could be dealt fairly easily to a young team, a-la chicago, that could use a veteran leader to lean on come playoff time

Brashear I think actually could be traded, but you wouldnt get anything of use back, or you might have to include like a 7th rounder to take em off your hands. he only has 1 more year left, and still can throw down with anyone, despite what ppl here say (hes not an elite fighter anymore, but he's still capable of going with anyone in the league).

Kotalik has a long track record of being a PP performer, and being a steady 20-20 guy, i think hes definitely a guy whose performance is being hindered by playing in NYC....he would be a change of scenery player, i think youd have to take on a junk contract to trade him, but you might get one thats expiring in a year or expiring this year, which is fine.

Rozsival probably has the most trade value of any of these players...IE you probably should be able to move him, and you might even be able to get something of value back for him.
From your lips to God's ears. I would absolutely love for that to happen. I do, however, hope that Kotalik could be shipped off for an expiring contract. I want the scenario that you've described earlier - an off season run on Kovulchuk and a team full of OUR kids and those who want to be here (Avery).

And I do dread that we may have to include a high value asset to trade Redden. Waiving him is going to be hanging on our cap room for the next 8 years (I believe he has 4 more years after this season). That's just too long.

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