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01-24-2010, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
...Blow it up and do what?...
That was exactly the point of posting this thread, other than some sarcasm directed at the loudest "blow it up" people. It's really easy to sit there and play armchair GM and think some teams are really going to take a Redden or a Drury off the Rangers hands without having to sacrifice a piece that's needed for a "rebuild". Sather is a moron, but don't you think he realizes this?

In order to do what some here propose, the Rangers aren't sniffing the playoffs for 3 to 4 seasons. By that time, Hank MAY be past his prime, and Gaborik WILL be past his prime. You have to HOPE Del Zotto and Staal are as good as you think they'll be, AND Stepan, Krieder, Sanguinetti, et. al. are NHL players. You also have to hope that the drafting is decent, because with Hank and Gaborik on the team, the Rangers aren't finishing last, they'll finish 11th, just like during the dark ages.

And just because you think you're building for the Cup, doesn't mean you'll win it, or even come near it. The San Jose Sharks are consistently one of the best teams in the league. Come playoff time, they're gone in the second round. The Senators? Another poster child for a "build" only to royally FAIL. The Caps and Blackhawks? Haven't won a thing yet. Even the Devils haven't been any better than the Rangers since the lockout.

I'm not saying go out at the deadline and rent some overpriced "talent" for a playoff run that probably won't be there. What I am saying though, is don't kill a team that's probably going to make the playoffs, and sacrifice that for a few years of sucking, on the off chance that "prospects" and players still in middle school will be as good as advertised.

I'm also of the opinion that Sather hasn't necessarily brought in the wrong players, he's just severely overpaid for them. Redden isn't a bad 5th defenseman. He's being paid as a superstar though. Drury is a decent checking center. He's being paid as a 1st line scorer. Holik wasn't a bad 3rd liner either. You get my point. And Bure was a gamble. If it paid off, we wouldn't be having this argument. Now Gomez was an AWFUL signing. There's a case of EVERYONE overrating him because he was semi-successful in a system. Getting rid of Orr and signing Brashear was idiotic.

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