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09-24-2003, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by semenko27
...I think it's not one of the better ideas to come along as once a team gets down to the final 5 minutes of a game it then becomes "playing for a point" and not playing to win. I think the games would be alot more fun to watch when teams weren't sittin' back for the last part of the 3rd and often the OT too. ...
I'd say that the OTL point has little or nothing to do with how teams play in the last five minutes of the third, most teams are going to be naturally wary of risking a regulation loss regardless of the OTL point, IMO.

If anything, rather than causing teams to "play for a point", I'd say the OTL point causes most(especially the better) teams to try and win in OT.
Truthfully, now there's little reason not to go for a victory as you'll either end up with a tie point or an OTL point. For the most part, OTL points aren't any less valuable than tie points, and for every victory you ring up in OT, you'll end up with an extra point that you'll probably never have had. Eliminate the OTL point, and most teams simply sit back and play for the tie, IMO.
Having said all that, I really not a big fan of the OTL point. I think it gives too much of an advantage to the teams with the best offense. Teams with great defense who tie most often will tend to lose fewer games in total but end up with less total points in overtime than the teams who either win or lose in OT.

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