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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
Where exactly would you put those guys? Prospal is a first liner on an average team at best. Placing him there (as a stretch) for this argument further supports the OP's claim that guys are playing well above their rightful places. The verdict is still out on Dubi. Is he a first liner? Not yet he isn't. There's certainly a decent chance he is better than a career 3rd liner...but there's no guarantee he sticks on the top line. So what's wrong with penciling him in at 2/3? People love to overrate their own guys. Maybe he'll become a stud...but right now Dubi is no better than a second liner in this league.
If you want to be nice to the guy and actually reply to his "lol I stopped reading when you had an opinion different than mine lol", this is basically it. Prospal has entire seasons off where he is cold in an ON/OFF pattern. He was bought out by Tampa, who were sick of him (Prospal was Tampa's trash, Rozsival was Pittsburgh's trash, Girardi wasn't even anybodys trash, do I see a pattern here? The slightly more gold-wrapped Islanders are what we are, no offense to the Islanders though). Does that tell you he is a legit 1st liner? Hell no, only on the Rangers, because the cold hard truth is we have no winger that is better offensively*. So his 9 goals and 36 points in 46 games is putting him in a secure 2nd place in points produced on the team, a mind boggling 25 points after Gaborik. It was quite clear just how much he could contribute when Gaborik was out, kind of like the Straka - Nylander - Jagr line. They were really good, but only if Jagr was playing (even if Nylander and Straka had their hot streak nights). And the 1st line is only potentially good, if Gaborik is playing well, otherwise it's a laughable 1st line.

And for Dubinsky... are there still some blind homers on these boards who actually consider him a legit 1st liner? On what team, except ours? NONE. No other NHL team whatsoever, except for some really weak bottom feeder perhaps, but I think we should be aiming for something better than such a position. You can't have a 1st liner that goes cold for 40 games in a stretch, which basically says that Dubinsky plays above his head when he's on the 1st line. Is he a better player this year than last? Yes, his cold streaks aren't as terrible anymore. Is he a legit 1st liner yet? No.

*Gaborik is no winger, he is a demigod. The proof is his offensive numbers on this team, no mortal can do that.
Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Personally, I think the lack of team mentality or team unity or whatever you want to call it is the biggest problem here. There are teams in this league that get by with rosters that are about as talented and deep as ours, for example the sabres I'd say are about evenly matched with us in terms of out and out skill, but they play solid team defense every night and they think, move and act as a team all the time... (I cut it a little bit to save space)
Yes, you're sadly right of course, to a debatable degree. Which is the biggest problem, team chemistry/ identity or the horrible lack of depth? But that's why I said I was simplifying the situation. At least half the team is swapped each season, leaving a minimal core already after 2 seasons. That's just brutal in a long-term perspective. The guys need half a season each season, just to get to know eachother.

I don't think we should be glad we're agreeing that this team is so bad in so many ways though... More like even more depressed, since we are acknowledging that simply getting a Kovalchuk for this team won't solve all our problems by far and not make this team a cup contender (since we can't tank, as long as we have Lundqvist). Sadly though, $ather, as the incompetent GM as he is, can't see the real problems here when he stops playing NYR on NHL 1998 on his playstation (where he glitch trades all the best players in the league while he is chewing on his cigar) and thinks painting over the bad paint job on the house with more paint will just cover the problem and it will disappear. Getting out of this mess will take years and years of hard, strategic, skillful and long-term thinking management work. Oh, we have $ather as a GM, the guys that created this mess and has done so for 15 years? Oh, great... How old is $ather, the retired playboy as he is? I predict the Rangers will win another cup in perhaps 2044, 50 years after the last one.

The next natural disaster that enters American territory should be named Glen Sather. Everyone knows beforehand what is coming, what is going to happen and the utter devastation and jaw dropping impact it will leave. But all you can do is hide in a shelter, pray and wait for the **** storm to clear.

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