Thread: Proposal: Lucic + for Kovalchuck
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01-24-2010, 10:53 PM
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Being realistic here, I think fans need to see Kovalchuk as a rental at this point.

With all the time Savard and Lucic have missed this year the Bruins likely have the cap space to absorb his salary.

You're not going to get a first line player or a first pairing d-man in return unless they're UFA next year and that just isn't going to happen because it dosn't make one bit of sense unless Atlanta gets the chance to secretly chat with the player about resigning with them before the trade goes down.

What Atlanta got for Hossa was insane, but it worked because the Penguins were stuffed up the YingYang with great core players PLUS they knew their 1st overall pick wasn't likely going to win them over a bluechip prospect.

A first rounder, which will be 20th-30th overall, of course.
2 good prospects(nothing in the top 30 prospects on HF's list) or two decent 2nd line forwards or top 4 dmen.

I'm leaning towards thinking it's not going to be 2 prospects, because Atlanta needs to be able to sell to the people that their acquisitions are going to pay off right away.

If Phaneuf goes to Atlanta for Kovie you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a clause in the trade which awards Calgary A LOT in the case that Kovalchuk doesn't resign with the Flames. It would be a horrible risk of the Thrashers because the deal pays off for the Flames way too much.

Flames likely end up getting a few firsts and they clear a ton of cap space while receiving at least a few first rounders from Atlanta and likely throw everything but the kitchen sink at Marleau trying to get him signed in the off-season. If the Flames signed him and resigned Borque it would be a PR distaster for Atlanta, while the Flames would defintely be one of the scariest teams in the West.

All because of a playoff rental.

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