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09-24-2003, 11:37 AM
Tuomo Ruutu's Ego
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Originally Posted by Mike8
Don't expect a response. It's typical Tuomo Ruutu's Ego behaviour to drop by with an obnoxious comment, fail to give the statement any basis, and never make another appearance in the thread.
Well well well, looks like I proved you wrong. Please think next time before you open your pie hole little boy. Typical to drop by with an obnoxious comment? Right...I'm sorry I can't spend multiple hours a day in front of a computer screen replying to all you people. I have a life outside of this message board, and if I read the comments and didn't reply it was because I had nothing to add. Sorry, but I don't post pad, if I have nothing to say, I have no need to post a message to it.

Would you like me to reply every time you reply to my posts saying "ok, I read it"? Would that give you a great deal of satasfaction?

If you can't handle my posts, don't read them. But don't ***** and whine like theres no tomorrow.