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01-25-2010, 08:06 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
It may sound harsh, but that's how it is. He is simply a trash player. Let me explain myself. He's not nearly good enough offensively to play in a top six role and he doesn't have the (defensive/ physical) qualities you prefer in a bottom six player either. And you don't want him on any special teams. He's fast, but doesn't fit in anywhere.

Lisin is talented, I give him that, but so was/ is Marcel Hossa, the multiple year nursing project. Peter Prucha, anyone? That didn't pan out that well, did it? A player coming to NHL can't develop that much more, they must be basically complete players when they come here and Lisin isn't the complete package.

I'll gladly eat crow if he pans out to become a solid NHLer, but sadly, I just don't see it happening. He'll be gone soon (back in Europe somewhere, maybe KHL where he will thrive with more puck space). We got him for a cheap price for a reason (as usual when we get prospects/ young players/ other crap in some deal), they just haggle their crap and $ather with his infamous player evaluation skills happily accepts.
dude. you need some medication. trash ? i mean seriously.

first off, the guy has been jerked around all season. 1st line, 4th line, healthy scratch, playing hurt for 5 weeks, dressed doesnt play 1 minute, plays 3 minutes an entire game, no pk, no pp and thus consistently skipped on shifts because of this. in the lineup, out of the lineup, and like the rest of this disfunctional bunch, never more than 1 or 2 games- if he plays- with the same linemates.

look at his numbers and tell me there arent guys who play 2x or 3x as much, and have gotten tons of pp time too boot and who have produced the same or less. yet they are called 3rd liners. gimme a break. you put any other player on this team in that same spot, and lets see how they produce.

lisin isnt perfect but he doesnt take shifts off, he consistently tries to finish his checks, he is prone to some lapses but who isnt ?, he hasnt been productive- but who has other than gaby?, and he has/does seem to lose pucks and make silly decisions but so does our friggin capt whos been around alot longer than lisin has.

if you watch his shifts, lisin makes some very nice passes, sets up his linemates pretty well and creates chances. he has a very hard shot and he goes to the front of the net. if drury or higgins did the things lisin does, they would both be better players.

the key with lisin is this.

1. hes inexpensive.

2. he young and still learning the 2 way game. something he seems to be improving at.

3. he has skill and speed, something this team lacks.

all those people who wanted zherdev retained because he had so much talent were willing to overlook his other issues but with lisin, even though hes younger, less expensive and doesnt seem to lack heart, they want him gone because he isnt productive enough. i call that crap.

patience is the key with this kid. he has top 6 talent- not saying he will be a top 6 guy this season- who is still learning where to go and what to do when he gets there, all the while transforming his game 180* to something coach freakout wants him to be.

sorry, but i call your post trash.

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