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01-25-2010, 08:43 AM
Can't Beat Him
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Send him down. Let him build confidence. Call up Byers. Your centers are Dubinsky-Drury-Chirstensen-Boyle, in some order. Byers can bang and agitate and replace Anisimov's non-existent offensive production.

Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Frankly, I cannot believe my eyes.
When I joined this board quite some time ago everyone (or almost everyone) was saying that youth has to be played instead of superstars that were aging. The agreement was we rather live through disappointments of growing pains, than see the washed up veterans. Brooks was one of the proponents of such approach. The conclusion was that Slats and Dolan will never do that. Now when we all were proven wrong and Rangers ice the young and promising (or not so promising) players Brooks as well as board wants to send them to minors and wait till they rich the ripe age.
I am just shocked...
No one is advocating sending him down because they don't like him or don't want to deal with his growing pains. We're advocating sending him down temporarily to build a little bit of confidence, and to keep him from being tainted by the group of bull****ters at the NHL level.

Taking a "play the kids" attitude doesn't mean you want to see the kids playing in the NHL at all times, regardless of whether or not you think it's beneficial to their development.

Callahan benefited from this, as did Gilroy to an extent. It's not some philosophical shift, it's one player and it's in an attempt to jump start him...not to let him rot while handing his spot to an underachieving veteran because we're thinking short term.


It's just pain.
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