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01-25-2010, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Nick00 View Post
I don't give a **** meaning I see his past stats as irrelevant right now.
He was once an effective and valuable player but has declined ever since the Rangers signed him (huge surprise there).
That being said I would NEVER pay a 55-60 point player 7 million per season, no matter how solid he is on the defensive end of the puck.
I always thought that was insane, and with the way he's performing right now it's just brutal.

Am I blaming him for the team's current problems?
Not at all... he doesn't take penalties, is responsible in his own end and is usually not a big factor in the outcome of the game.
I was just addressing those people who insist that he has some kind of unseen leadership qualities, because I see no evidence of that and I'm not going to just give him the benefit of the doubt for no reason.

As for your generalization of me as a typical impatient fan, no, that's not the case at all.
I would much rather rebuild from within and miss the playoffs for 3 years while constructing an actual contender.
I'm not of the moronic yet over so popular "buy buy buy, find a way to make into the playoffs and ANYTHING can happen" mentality.
That isn't just what you were doing. If that was the case, I wouldn't have even bothered to respond. Your commentary regarding his "leadership skills" is the likes of which I've come to ignore lately, no offense. But you unjustly denigrated the play of a guy who, deep down, is one of my favorite hockey players ever. I was responding to your remark about him showing no interest on the ice. I still contend that that's ridiculous.

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