Thread: Injury Report: Booth, Stillman injuries
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01-25-2010, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Awesome! Thanks for the update. Still hope they take their time with him, as I know they will, but I'm excited to see him out there again.

Zero, was he keeping up with the play? I mean, I know it was mostly corner work, but did they do any other kind of drills with him that you know?
he did all of the drills as part of a line with soupy and kreps. (stiller with weiss and frolik, dvo with rusty and dom, matthias with with nasty and mccardle were the other combos, btw... no reino).

he looked fine doing the regular stuff. the board battles are incredibly draining though. there were a few guys floating through that drill station (kitchen was running it) but booth was there the whole time. by the time they moved on to 1v1 in the center ice circle, he was fading. after the first few reps, he was so gassed, he couldn't even hold onto the puck while making a half-hearted first move. it seems, according to a quote from ballard in sunday's herald about mccardle, kitchen runs the "battle station" after the full ice practice ends and grinds the heck out of the guys who need some conditioning work (and some of the younger guys - matthias, kuli, frolik and mccardle were also working with him).

also fyi, it seems that kitch has a really good rapport with the guys. he also seems to have fun out there. just throwing that in for all the haters.

oh, and you heard it hear first: rusty elicited some yelping and hollering when he came in, made a nice move and went top shelf *forehand* in the shootout part of practice for a pretty goal. i'm guessing we'll see that again sometime soon

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