Thread: Injury Report: Booth, Stillman injuries
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01-25-2010, 04:33 PM
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first, to KW - yes, of course being liked doesn't equate to getting the job done but being able to relate to the guys can be helpful. and, again, i think that without watching practice every day to see what he's working on with the guys (and then how that translates to games), neither one of us is in the position to say whether he's getting the job done. seriously - pete explains the drills and runs them, giving instruction in between reps. i saw kitch make a few comments to some guys during pauses in a 5v5 transition drill. that's it. that's what assistants do. i'm sure he preps the practice plan with pete and they go over what they want to accomplish and highlight but we don't know how far beyond that his influence reaches. calling for the guy's head repeatedly without that information is a little ridiculous.

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Nice. Thanks Zero.

Good to hear he's able to do all of that and apparently only be gassed, not have much of a headache. He'll get his stamina back up, though, I'm glad for the Olympic break.

Saw Ballard's comments about Kitchen's little "school," good for kitchen on making sure the guys come back ready and raring to go. Still, I'm on the fence with him, no one can argue that our D needs some serious work.

Rusty heard yelping from the fans, or the teammates, or both?

regarding the last question, there were about 10-15 people there today.

also something i just remembered - it was frolik, kuli and kreps working on one-timers with hulton, kreps and frolik from their off wing and kuli straight up. wonder if kreps is going to get some PP time or if he was just helping frolik and kuli? first practice of pete's i've seen so i don't know what the significance of some of these tidbits are.

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