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Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
I am sitting on my couch with my laptop. I win.

Souray is a great player, he had 53 points last year and this year he is having an off year. Plekanec had an off year last year, there's no reason that Souray can't come back to form.

Yes, he's injury prone but he brings a physical presence and is a great locker room guy. He could even mentor Subban/Weber/Carle since they all play the role of an offensive D.
He doesn't bring much physical presence man. He'll fight to defend a teammate getting his bell rung and now that patches is back in the A, it would happen too infrequently to merit paying 5.5 million for him.

Why would WE take on extra salary to help them out, and give them our first on top of it. Spacek is bad, but 3.8 million is miles away from 5.5, especially with salaries like gomez' on the team.

Again, using the 'it's an off year for him' mentality, couldn't we just apply the same thing to spacek? He's had the most disappointing seasons i've seen a habs UFA acquisition have since samsonov and could very well turn it around. That's not to say i don't want him gone, but if we ship him off it's to dump salary, not to pile more on.

We have too many offensive minded D in the system to warrant giving up a 1st rounder we could use in getting us a big tough forward we could use down the road. I love souray's toughness. In fact I think that he's very underrated as a fighter, and he could take most players regarded as 'heavy weights'. But a rock 'em sock 'em Souray is a far cry from what I'd want if we traded our first rounder.

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