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Originally Posted by Mgkibbles View Post
Since the 1999-2000 season Gagne has been a top line staple for the Flyers with 20+ goals in 7 of his 9 seasons in orange and black. One of those 20+ goals seasons came last year when he seemed to have rebounded from a concussion plagued 2007-2008 season by netting 34 goals, however during this past off-season Gagne's injury bug appeared once again causing a slow start, a surgery, and most recently a disappearance.

Since returning on December 19th Gagne has registered 14 points (5 goals 9 assists) in 19 games which doesn't seem to outlandish considering Simon is coming off an injury that required surgery, however when taking into account 3 of those goals and one of those assists came in a blow out win over the Rangers on December 30th the numbers begin to look a bit mediocre (10 points in 18 games). Also since the hat trick against the Rangers Gagne has only scored once in the past 12 games (2 if you count the Pens goal ). Gagne's recent below standards play became even more evident yesterday during the 2-1 loss to the Pens. Gagne had numerous opportunities to create potent scoring chances on a replacement goalie only to squander them by missing the net, hitting the post, or fanning on shots. Additionally Simon literally cost the team a goal when he lost his cool immediately following a weak hit from Malkin.

In my opinion Laviolette should look to move Gagne down in the line combos. I believe injuries have finally caught up to Gagne and at this point he resembles a 3rd line player more than a 1st line player.
While I agree that he has taken a step backwards I disagree with a lot of the points you made. He may not be a top notch first liner like he once was but to say hes a 3rd liner is incorrect.

1. During that same 19 game span the oh so invincible Richards has one more point than Gagne.

2. You cant say Gagne's hat trick game doesnt count just because it was a blowout. If Gags didnt play that game they would have only scored 2 goals.

3. That replacement goalie Gagne couldnt score on, the rest of the team couldnt score on either. 1 goal on a backup and its not scored by Gags so he sucks?

4. Malkins hit was a hit to the head on a guy known to have concussion problems. Hartnell does the same stupid crap if not worse once every other game which turns into a PP goal against but thats ok? By the way, the call on Gagne was a high the video and tell me where his stick touched Malkin.

5. Gagne has a higher PPG average than JVR who you want to move into his spot. He also has a higher PPG average than Giroux and Hartnell who are in the top 8. Only Carter, Richards and Briere rack up points at a higher rate than Gags.

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