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01-25-2010, 10:34 PM
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Pros really are that good. It kind of makes me shake my head when I hear people say "<name> sucks" because the worst NHL player, hell, the worst any level of semi-pro player, is still miles ahead of whoever is saying it. I was fortunate enough to play with 2 different semi-pro players before. I don't want to give names, even though they didn't get too far in their pro careers, just to protect identities.

One guy I played with played all 4 years at UMass Lowell and went on for a couple full seasons of ECHL. Right now he's actually only 31 and I haven't played with him in like 3 years so he was still at a good age to play professionally but the guy was a friggin drunk. You can smell the booze on him every time he played. Sadly, he was still easily the best one on the ice.

The other guy actually had a pretty long minor league career. He played a total of 9 straight seasons jumping in between the CHL and UHL. Apparently he was offered a contract by Colorado when he was a UFA and his agent told him not to take it because he could make more, never got another contract offer. He still understandably hates the guy. He was really good too. The one thing that I found kind of odd about him though was that you can hear him digging into the ice when he skated. I never noticed it by any other skater before. He sounds like a train, can hear him coming from a mile away.

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