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01-26-2010, 10:50 AM
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I also used to play on a beer league team with a guy who was teammates with Steve Sullivan back in junior. When we played together, around 2005/06, he was probably about 30 pounds overweight and didn't really skate too much, it seemed, but he just knew where to be on the ice all the time, and really made the game look simple. In a 25-game season, he would typically put up about 35 goals, 20 assists or so. I remember, he scored the game winner most games that we won, so he was really clutch, too. He would always know what to say on the bench to get the guys going and would always back it up on the ice. What got me too, was that he was always really positive, so he was a pleasure to play with.

I was a rookie on the team, about 21 years old, so that would put him at about 31 at the time. One thing about him that I'll always remember, was any time we were on the bench together during the game and I looked rattled or in over my head, he would always ask me, "Are you having fun?" I haven't played with him in years now, but I think about that comment a lot and it reminds me why I play the game.

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