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09-24-2003, 12:27 PM
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Daze been killing penalties during his career? He spent 240 seconds on the PK last year. Seconds, not minutes. And that's total, not per game. That was 18th among Blackhawk players. (source:

+/- means nothing. Daze has a negative +/- since his first two years. Connolly had a +4 two years ago, and was worse defensively than he was last year.

If Daze is fast, show a NHL skills competition showing that he is.

Hecht played well when he was healthy. He couldn't stay healthy. And we overpaid for Hecht. I wouldn't have dealt 2 2nd rounders, including a 2003 2nd rounder, for Hecht.

And how am I biased? By stating that Hecht is better defensively? That's a fact. Faster? That's a fact. Makes $2M less? That's a fact. Averages .13 PPG less than Daze? That's a fact. That all together, I wouldn't deal Daze for Hecht? It's based on facts, not feelings.
Because Hecht is faster - Daze can't skate? That's what you're saying.

And is wrong, becuase I watched Hawks games last year when he was on the PK.

How does +/- mean nothing? I think if you look at a player in relation the rest of the team it means something! Daze was one of the few + players on the Hawks last year.

If you need a goalscorer - do you want to go with Daze or Hecht? You can throw out PPG, but do you need a guy to get the 2nd assist or to score a goal?

You want to talk about "skills competitions" how about the fact that Daze won the MVP of the All-Star game in 2002? I know it's just the all-star game, but you brought it up, and Daze has been there, while Hecht has not.

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