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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Our beer league has some former ECHL players who are old now and they are still better than everyone else out there. Amazing isn't it?

20 years ago we played against a guy who played in the AHL for the St. John Maple leafs in the late 80s. He was a GOON too and was way better than all of us. Damned if I can remember his name now.

He didn't score in the AHL ... he was just a professional level fisticuff athlete and quite frankly made us look really weak. he was about 6ft 5 or so, he must have been because I am 6ft 4in and he was a wee bit taller.

We had jumped in on an ice rental which had been done by former retired professionals (AHL or whatever else), semi-professionals, European league guys and college players too etc. They were all friends, not sure why they were all there in that same place.

names? I knew none of them at all and nobody looked familiar.

They mixed us in on their team and vice versa as they just wanted enough guys to actually scrimmage.

It was fun but I am glad I never had to play against guys that good again. I played on a checking line in Highschool and wasn't even as good as the "starters" then.

It was a cool experieince for sure.
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