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01-26-2010, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by CastroLeRobot View Post
This thread is so telling about posters...anyone who hits on George Laraque is actually lowering himself. The guy was humiliated by the team, he was doing a tough job that is slowly disappearing. Why he "deserves" so much hate is beyond me.
Fans of the Canadiens have the right to be critical of Laraque's on ice contributions to this team. As a heavyweight, he's been ineffective this season. He has rarely fought, and doesn't provide much else as far as physical play goes (hitting, blocking shots, etc.). His statistic production has been embarrassing since he's been here. BGL hasn't been effective in his role and certainly wasn't contributing enough in other ways to merit a spot in the line-up on a team that is in dire need of toughness.

I say this as someone who liked his signing when it happened. However, his play changed my mind. My buddy said it best when he said that the idea of having Laraque (and what he could potentially offer) is much better than the reality of having Laraque on the team. That perfectly sums up how I feel about his time in Montreal.

As for the team humiliating him, I think that's a little melodramatic. Gainey said that he released Laraque because he didn't want him to be a distraction for the team. That seems to imply that this season, Laraque was a detriment to the team even when he was playing. In other words, he wasn't helping the team when he was on the ice and was potentially hurting the team when he wasn't on the ice. The situation BGL finds himself in right now seems to be one of his own making as far as I'm concerned.

Laraque seems like a nice guy and I hope he lands on his feet somewhere else in the NHL this year. However, in order to do so he's going to have to accept the blame for his current situation and make changes in the areas that put him there in order to hope for any kind of success in the NHL in the future.

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