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09-24-2003, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by mdoak
Eek. I would have to say that Satan has a much better value than Daze. Satan has scored more consistently for longer and is a proven playoff performer. Daze has only been once if i remember or not at all. Satan USED to be a goal scorer, but has evolved his game to include playmaking. He can set them up and put them in. Satan, while not an elite talent, can do it all. He isn't going to win a selke trophy anytime soon, but is responsible in his own end. Daze will score his share of goals, but in the end is very one dimensional (in an offensive sense). If Satan had a bit more talent around him, I think you would see his assist total rise quite a bit, while if Daze had more talent around him (unless it was an elite playmaker), his goal totals would stay about the same.
I think it's safe to say that neither Daze or Satan have played with bonified 1st line talent over their careers. I also think that Daze's playmaking is underrated, but that's just MO. He has definetely come a LONG way from his 30g, 18a early years.

I also don't think it's fair to knock Daze's lack of P/O experience because the Hawks have basically been brutal his entire career.

The big knock on Daze compared to Satan is his health issues. I would think that Daze is in the same range as Satan. Bonified 1st line winger in his prime. Production in the 70 point range in a good year (slightly higher for Satan), and have shown the ability to score 35-40 goals a season. Both are average to above average defensively. Only real edge I give to Daze is he appears to be more willing to play in traffic, but I think he's pretty close in most other areas.

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