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Originally Posted by CastroLeRobot View Post
great post.

You are right on a philosophical level. BUT to have your boss come out and say publicly that :
1- You are a distraction to the team
2- The Team is better without you, even by having a reduced roster

It gotta hurt. I mean the guy was useless, I agree, but a nuisance? That's pushing it. Maybe it was Gainey's way of getting back at Laraque's "Classless" accusation...I don't know. But no one likes to be told that "we are better without you". No money in the world can make that feeling right...

So in this sense, yes, I feel he was humiliated. Bob is the one who conceded the NMC, he has to live with it. It is not BGL's fault. As for people who are angry at him for cashing his check, I invite you to read the definition of the word "Contract"
WOW! Someone who actually sounds rational on these boards Now I've seen everything...

edit:...except that contract is usually for service rendered.

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