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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Probably like 8% or so. But that could be underselling Staal, since a lot of what he does gets lost in the general suckitude of our team. A lot of people don't realize exactly what he brings, because he's stuck with us.

For me, I'd take Kopitar--and like I said, by a good bit. But that's not to say that I don't think a case can be made for taking Staal. If you place an absolute premium on defense, then it's not crazy to take Staal.
The suckitude of the Kings is in the same neighborhood as the Rangers. The difference is that a great center can elevate a team. Even a great defensive-defenseman cannot do the same. Orr, Potvin, Park, Leetch, Bourque etc., had the ability to lift a team because they contributed at both ends.

Langway and Robinson and Stevens were awesome but not in the class of the defensemen mentioned above. Staal might become like Langway and Robinson but I'd settle for another Kevin Lowe right now.

Kopitar often reminds me of Malkin. He may turn out to be that good. From Ratelle to Messier, no center that I can think of could match Kopitar, unless you want to count the short stint of a fading Gretzky and a similar Espo.

I think Kopitar is a franchise player and future Hall of Famer.

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