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01-26-2010, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Well we did see some improvements in Spacek in the last 2 games,probably his best 2 as a Hab hope he could keep it up but IMO I think a guy like Hamrlik would be better to help young players like Weber and Subban to develop.

As for Pouliot I hope you are right,but we are seeing some crazy contracts given out by GM's,if the kid keeps the pace this year and next I think we are looking at around 3.5 4,that's what AK. is making
I like Hammer to work with the young guys, as I got to think we will see more youth on D next year.

As for BP he has no leverage (other then an offer sheet) Kostitsyn had close to 30 goals, and 53 pts. He got 3.25 but that was for 3 years, so I wouldn't mind if BP got a big raise if we locked him up for a few years (just not 4M or close to it)

Originally Posted by Turboflex View Post
It will be tight...being able to bury Laraque contract in Sweden (save 500k) would be nice. Maybe the NHL cap will go up a bit too?? Might be lowballing Plek a bit at 4.75m, but we dunno what he's looking for, maybe he'd take that at 1-2 years to establish a better stat sheet for a big contract. Price could get more than 3.5m too but it's hard to gauge what he's looking for, 3.5m for 1-2 years sounds ok.

Anyways the point is..summer 2010 is not a HUGE problem unless either Price or Plekanec is looking for BIG MONEY right now. We will have to start with a barebones roster though unless there is a break on a cap rise or somehow moving Laraque off cap (avoiding buyout).

2011 there's a bit more flexibility.. Hamrlik could get a lower contract if they re-sign him, maybe Markov is a candidate for one of those 11 year cap friendly ones, could lower his cap hit.
A buyout of Laraque will save 1M since you can spread it over 2 years, so he would cost us 500K next year and in 2011-2012. But you have to replace him, so that 1M will likely get eaten up mostly by his replacement.

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