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01-26-2010, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
If the Habs buyout Laraque, then as of now we are looking at having 43,832,141 tied up in just 12 players. So if the cap were to remain the same at 56.8, then Gainey is looking at having about 13M of cap space for 9 or 10 players. Yikes.

On top of that we have 4 big contracts to factor in, 2 this summer and 2 for the following season. Pleks and Price (assuming Halak gets traded at some point) are going to big concerns this summer, and then it's Markov and A.Kostitsyn next year (A.Kosty will be an RFA at least).

So it's becoming clear that if no roster moves are made between now and the summer, then Gainey will likely need to move one of the D and hope that one of Subban/Weber/Carle can jump up full time as we will need some cheap contracts, in addition, a couple out of Pacioretty/D'Agostini/White/Pyatt/Stewart/Maxwell etc... will need to step up into full time roles on the cheap.

Which leads me to think that one of Hammer/Spacek/Gill have to go by this summer. If you let Mara and MAB walk and go with a D core of Markov-Subban Hammer-O'B Spacek-Gorges with a spare of say Carle, your still looking at over 18M tied up on defense. So losing Gill doesn't really help, although he could be the easily to move since he would have only 1 year left on his 2.25 cap hit. If they aren't going to play Spacek on the left side then get rid of him, if possible. Dropping Hammer would make the most sense cap wise but I fear what his loss would mean to our defense.

One things for sure, we better hope the cap doesn't go down next year.

I'm not very worried.

I'm hoping Pleks can be had on a Savard-like contract for about $4.5M but Long-term. That's an increase of $1.75M. Price has not earned an increase of more than $1.35M which means he'll come with ZERO cap hit increase since his bonuses are now 1.35M (though he has hit very little of them).

Laraque saving will be either $1.0M if he plays elsewhere with permission from Habs or $0.5M if he is bought out, assuming in both cases a replacement making league minimum.

Mara replaced with Subban saves $0.825M.

Metropolit replaced with Pyatt or another minimum guy saves $0.500M.

Sergei has bonuses of $285k that will drop off or convert to a small increase for him and/or Lapierre.

Pouliot will probably get an increase of $350k but remember he is not arbitration-eligible. The number might go up if he hits 20 goals by year-end.

MAB should be willing to re-sign for similar money as this year, given it will be hard for him to find a perfect fit elsewhere.

Anyway, maybe within a few hundred thou, we can accomodate Pleks and Price and the other RFAs and re-sign MAB to a reasonable contract, all by dropping Mara, Laraque and Metro.

Keeping Halak will cost another $1.5M or so increase, and if we go this route then I think we need to trade Spacek and also get room for another $2.0M player, probably a strong 3rd liner, with ability to step up for a time if needed.

Plus I think the cap will go up by about $1M. But that's another matter.

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