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09-24-2003, 01:46 PM
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Daze gets 0 time killing penalties. He was 18th among Hawks in PK time. That indicates a cluelessness in his own zone. Giving examples is like proving something by analogy. For example, I can actually give examples of Gratton fighting and sticking up for his teammates, but he would continually avoid the middle of the ice and contact.

Gratton has a ton a talent. Probably more so than Daze, but he isn't as good a player as Daze. They are similar in that they are slow, big players who are suspect defensively. Daze, to his credit, will actually pay the price for a goal. Neither plays physically, even though they should.

Stats are just a benchmark. They don't measure defense, physicality or speed. To me, those things are important and are not measured by stats. Daze is below average in all three. His skating may be better than average. However, his size may make him seem slower than he really is. If anyone has skills competition results that portray Daze as faster than average, I'd certainly change my mind.


Why do scouts go to watch games if they could sit on a computer and look at rumours and stats?

I will give you my opinion, it is because the best way to evaluate a player of a team game of five players is by watching him play over and over.

Albeit, here are your lovely stats. Statistically Daze was a +10 last year, third on the team behind Sullivan and Poapst. The Blackhawks have had one of the worst defensive units in the league the last few years. Over 3/4s of the team was a minus.

With a defense that bad and a team that wasn't playing team D, a +10 is phenominal.

Personally, I like to point to the many times I have watched him hustle his ass back to break up a play, wedge a man off the puck, or pick someones pocket. He usually wedges the man off and pokes the puck back to the D. Since you don't seem to watch Daze play much and you love stats, give me some stats that shows he is bad at defense.

Now Daze had approximately 4 minutes of short handed ice time ( This is not that much. The coach has openly explained this (and its' reason is apparent to many). Dazes skills and size make him useful in traffic. He is needed much more in a 5 on 5 and pp(can't deny his shot). We have plenty of good pkers in Sullivan and Zhamnov who are shifty as hell and great with open ice. Dazes lack of PK is simply a coaching decision on where he and others on the team should be used most, not a negative statement about his defensive game.

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