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01-11-2005, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by rebedom
I saw on the Islanders HF board that after Wade Dubielewicz they have no other goalies in their top 20 depth chart so I assume Aragorn got it from there. They are all 6.0 backup goalie potential. Billy Thompson (6.5 B slightly better) is doing quite well in Bingo this year and has shown very good progress in his development. In fact, they are playing him almost as much as Emery because he is playing just as well. He may be an upgrade to what they have and be depth at that position.

Also, under the TSN Islanders page there are 3 centres that had more points than Scatchard and then there are 3 more centres Justin Maplecroft, Sean Bergenheim and Justin Papineau who may be soon ready to take a regular spot. Eventually the Islanders may want to move a centre and although Scatchard does bring some valuable intangibles to the table every organization eventually has to make the inevitable decision as to when to move experience for youth. Maybe they will move Peca or Bates before Scatchard, but I doubt it and we all know Yashin with that contract isn't going anywhere soon. But who knows?

I would suggest waiting until the trade deadline, if they fail to make the playoffs and getting Scatchard for a 3rd or 4th pick. I too don't think it will be Todd White or Langfeld for Scatchard but a defensive prospect like Lyamin and a depth goalie like Thompson plus something might make them take notice.

It doesn't matter what you saw on the Isles page. The Isles at least think they are set in goal and they will not be trading for goaltending prospects. I'd like to see them bring in a solid vet #2 to backup Dipietro, but unfortunately, that is unlikely.

Papineau is a smallish scoring winger who will probably never play in the NHL. Mapletoft is a 4th line center at best. Sean Bergenheim has done well, but he is a winger. None of these players are going to force a trade of Peca, Scatch, or even Bates. Is all you are showing here is that you know absolutely nothing about the Islanders. A lot of your conclusions here are basically ridiculous (with all due respect).

The suggestion that you could get Scatch for a 3rd of 4th pick is ridiculous. The suggestion that "Lyamin and a depth goalie" could get him is even more laughable. You're not even trying here. If solid third liner centers only cost 3rd or 4th round picks, the Isles will be happy to send you a fourth rounder for Fisher.

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