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01-27-2010, 09:40 AM
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Fact: Embarrassing

Fact: This team looked at the standings following the Canada trip and started thinking they were better than they actually were.

Fact: The Invisible Man, the artist formerly known as Steve Sullivan, and J Putrid D'oh mont are satisfied with waiting until "the playoff push" after the Olympic Break to show up.

Fact: No team can beat another team, even the Blowjackasses, down a man the entire game. Belak 3 shifts, 2:04 minutes, and not a single second of TOI after 8:48 into the first period. Was he healthy enough to play or not? "Plain and simple, it’s more of a numbers thing,’’ Trotz said. "Economically, you have 20 players (on the roster) and that’s what we’re using … It makes my life easy. There’s no decisions.’’ Gosh, that makes me feel better.

Fact: Failcake tastes like sh#t.

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