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01-27-2010, 03:18 PM
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Trying to play agt. pros always reminds me of that scene in "Rounders" where that naive couple sits down at the poker table to play agt. Mike, Knish and their friends and thinks it is a regular game like they play on the weekend with their friends... they simply have no clue they don't stand a chance...

I have had experiences playing agt. some pros in both ice and roller hockey and it was pretty interesting, yet humbling...

I used to play in a Summer roller league with players from the old RHI (roller hockey int). I was able to keep up with the pros and even turned a few of them inside out.

All of these guys had an ice hockey background: div 1, IHL, ECHL, Jrs. etc etc.

One day one of the guys on my team asked if I played ice and said they needed a few good extra players for a pickup game they were playing...

I got schooled big time. The same guys I was blowing around on roller blades, were half trying and eating me alive on ice.

The funniest thing is, many of them said they were scrubs on their pro teams in the past. And they made me look like a scrub.

And to make it even funnier, alot of time in regular ice leagues and pickup games, other players ask me if I played professionally.

I always feel badly telling them I blow compared to most people out there... because if I am schooling them, they can only imagine what players are like who abuse me.

Their strength, skating and decision making are all above what most people have ever experienced. It is very intimidating and mind boggling... believe me.

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