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01-27-2010, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Cammy-Plek-Gionta-Pouliot-Gomez (except for his start), are all doing their job pretty well. A.Kost was doing good before going down too.
Hamrlik-Gorges-Markov are a good top 3.

So the top half of our team is playing well. Top 6 Forwards and Top3 Ds are doing their part.
Problem comes from the bottom part of our team. S.Kost is the only player in the bottom 6 that's really any good, and I don't understand why Martin puts Moen on 2nd before him.
Metro had a good start that cooled off, Lappy, Bergeron, and those extra filling players like Maxwell/Darche aren't going to help tremendously.
Spacek is probably playing his worst season so far, and it coincides with him having to play on the right side.
Although Gill can be useful with his reach, he's just too slow, Mara hasn't been solid and O'Byrne is still developing.

So what we need is better depth. We have a good top half, now we have to improve the support cast. We don't have a checking line, nor do we have an energy/aggressive one. That's the problem.
We put the 6 players's names in a bag, draw them out and that's the lines. They have no identity.

As for the bottom 3 Ds, at the least, Gill and Mara need to be replaced by quicker right handed Dman.

Yes, we're tied up with the cap, but we don't really need to go after other top players. Price tag for such players is quite low. So it's not so bad.
This of course depends on how much Plek will ask for.
again, where you stand is a bubble team with little to no wiggle room. How do you get better? Internally there isn't much potential.

There is zero problem keeping the team together but getting better is another story unless you are happy with this team. Plekanec is going to suck up a lot of available cap space. Price will get a raise, there is no doubt.

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