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01-11-2005, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Balej20
The expansion was absolutely insane. Thats a huge reason we are in the hole we are in right now. What a joke. I've hated Bettman since he first got the job, but this doesnt mean i am necessarily siding with the players on this issue.
I hate to defend Bettman, but the NHLPA is just as guilty in this strike, and also in the expansion of the league. Both parties saw $ signs. Owners through expansion money, players with more NHL jobs, which led to paying minor leaguers major league salaries, which in turn pushed salaries much higher, which in turn brought arbitration into play big time. Minor league players getting major league money is what caused this strike. This is the law of unintended consequences. Everyone thought this was win win, but now its lose lose. And who gets the brunt of losses, the fans of course.

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