Thread: Speculation: Is coaching the problem?
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01-27-2010, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Yes. The coach is absolutely a big part of the problem. This is a badly underachieving team and the blame has to be laid squarely at his feet.

Martin came here carrying a reputation for strong 5-on-5 play, efficient transition based on quick short passes, defensive excellence, and excellent team preparation, and said he would implement a puck possession system.

I feel like there ought to be some consumer board I should be able to file a complaint for outright fraudulent advertising. We've pretty much been treated to the complete opposite of the above.

This team has actually gotten worse as the year's gone on, but the goaltending has been better and papered over the deficiencies. They were better before Martin got a chance to instill his system. And they're going to get worse and worse.

Saddest part? Those who thinks he needs a chance are going to get their wish, because for a variety of reasons (contract, short tenure, need for stability) he's going to get at least this season and next before replacing him is considered. Expect the Habs to wallow in mediocrity for at least this long. I think they may even get worse as players start giving up.
We've been a .500 team since game 1. Halak has played well since the start, and Price has had good/bad stints throughout the year.
We haven't gotten bad as the year advances. If anything we've been consistently average/mediocre.

Our lack of depth is the clear problem. You can bring in Scotty Bowman, he's not going to make Metro/Moen/Maxwell and Lappy/Bergeron/Darche into good checking/energy lines.

Martin is not perfect, his system is boring, I'd have different approaches for certain things. But he's not the main cause of our problem.

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