Thread: Speculation: Is coaching the problem?
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01-27-2010, 09:28 PM
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You know as long as we're doling out the blame when things go wrong, let's blame the fans, equipment guys, scouting staff, media and especially Youppi.

This team is right where it should be. Win some, lose some. To boot, most of their losses are by only one goal. A bounce here or there and they win most of those games and they're near the top of the division. 2 years ago that's what happened.

Not sure what people expected from this team after being completely dismantled last summer.

Our biggest problem has been that we've never been bad enough to have a high draft pick. The one year we had a top 5 pick, we take a goalie that everyone proceeds to take a big dump on every time he makes a mistake. I look at the first round of that draft and can only find one player (Kopitar) drafted after Price that may have been a better choice.

All you guys that piss and moan about this and that, remember that there are teams in worse shape than we are, some of the teams better than us are doing it because they sucked so bad they picked up superstars, and some teams are succeeding through smoke and mirrors- a bad week or two and they will crash too.

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