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01-28-2010, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by TheSandman View Post
That's a great tip - perfect for this thread. I think this has to do with inherent laziness; it's easier to keep on coasting than it is to stop all of your hard earned forward momentum and pump your legs to get going the other way again.
That is true what you said and you reminded me of something else you see too much of and that is a guy who isn't skating sees a loose puck and he would have been there if he had been skating.

You see it often, a guy coasting and the play changes and a puck comes loose and THEN he throttles up and skates hard more often than not too late to do anything with it.

Also ... in beer leagues you see guys out there too long and not fresh which makes them less effective ... relatively speaking. Someone should be able to play all out for a 2 minutes shift in a beer league and then change. If you are out there for longer than that you are ice hogging.

Guys always "want their ice" so they think staying out there all day is getting their money's worth. If they (EVERYONE playing) had changed more often they would have as much time out there and a better quality shift which equates to more fun.

I don't know how being out of gas when you could have scored and didn't could possibly be any fun at all.

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