Thread: Speculation: Is coaching the problem?
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01-28-2010, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Head over to HabsInsideOut. There was a clip of Martin (in French) being asked to explain his system. In it Martin reiterates that he desires a puck possession team and that he feels it's best-suited to his small, skilled team... then spends the bulk of the clip explaining how chipping the puck (that is, giving up possession) is an important part of his puck possession system.
When he's talking about chipping the puck, I'm assuming he's talking about the offensive zone. Outside Gomez, we don't really have players that can carry it in. So we have to dump it, otherwise our small players will easily be stopped at the blue line.

Martin can't be that dumb. He is one of the most experienced coaches. So I assume he knows what puck possession means.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Assuming that Martin's system isn't the crap that we've seen, it's just that he is completely incapable of having the team execute anything resembling a puck possession system even once... isn't that horrid preparation level on the coach anyway? He's either a terrible strategist or a terrible teacher.

Given his own comments, I'm tempted to lean towards broken system rather than bad teaching, but the team's preparation level is obviously deficient too so it could be it I guess.
Could be. Could be fatigued, could be that it takes more than a season to implement a system which would explain the ''inconsistency'' through games. Could be we have a bad mix of players. Could be some players having worse seasons than predicted. Could be a number of reasons.

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