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01-28-2010, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by savebyrichter420 View Post
A man who wins a Stanley Cup, regardless of what superstars you think he had to work with, does not have a limited hockey mind, I'm sorry. I liked Renney but he won nothing yet some seem to think he was a great hockey mind, seems a little biased and unfair. Win a cup and you're a moron, win nothing and you're a genius?

And maybe these players just can't be motivated, maybe they are losers, ever consider that fact instead of blaming a guy who can only work with what he has

His job is to coach and instruct and to a certain extent motivate but some people just can't be reached no matter how hard you try, what else exactly should he be doing to motivate them? Any answers on that one? Cause Renney went the nice route and Torts went the not so nice route and guess what, same results!
The fact that people keep bringing up the Stanley Cup with a stacked Tampa team in a different era of hockey is a joke. It has pretty much no basis on whats going on here. And here, Tortorella is looking much more like his .500 career record as a head coach than some top notch guy.

The Renney situation was completely different. He did what he thought was best for the organization and employed a defensive system due to the lack of talent. What did Renney in were philosophical differences in the way the team should be playing. A few ****heads (Gomez and Zherdev to name a couple who, coincidentally, are gone now) thought they were better than they actually were and thought they deserved a more offensive orientated system.

At least we can pinpoint a reason there. Can you tell me why Tortorella isnt getting through to this team at all? My guess is he is a brash, polarizing ******* that is hated by the majority of this lockerroom, but thats just me.

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