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Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
I agree.

My dad is one of the biggest Habs fans I know, and he's absolutely brutal on their recent teams.

He's been deriding Gainey for ages, and never lets up on the Gomez trade. I tend to take the opposite position when talking with him just to keep the mood during hockey games somewhat positive (when we get a chance to watch them together).

I think that the last 10 to 12 years or so of Habs teams have been brutally hard to swallow for many Habs fans who watched them in the 70s, or even in the 80s, my dad being one of them.

I don't know how old Pierre is, but he's probably old enough to have watched those teams, and remember just how spectacularly awesome those 70s Habs were.

Anyway, my view on Pierre is this... I think he has great ideas about the sort of coaching and player movement that the Habs need. However, getting there is the hard part, and while I'm confidant that Pierre would know the right players to target for trades and free agent signings, I'm less confidant that he'd know who to give up to make room for them and/or in order to acquire them in trade.

Still... I think that Pierre could do a good job.
he couldnt do any worse and maybe he could do better
there is life after Gainey--- time will keep going even after Gainey and he will be nothing but a memory

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