Thread: Speculation: Fire Tortorella?
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01-28-2010, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Are you at the practices? How do you know how chaotic they are or aren't? Pittsburgh is better in their zone because they have talent and playmakers. They pass well because they have Crosby and/or Malkin at center more than half the time. The guys are where they need to be because they know the rewards of being in position, they know that they have a superstar playmaker on the ice with them and that good things will happen when they try and get in position.

Do you really think that a championship coach doesn't know to communicate to his players where they should be and what they should do on the ice?

Why is it a coaches fault that his players, who are professional hockey players who have played this sport their ENTIRE lives, don't know where they should be? Even if he doesn't tell them or whatever you're implying (and thats a huge, huge "if"), they should still have an idea of how to play the game. Our warm ups stink? Please. Seems to me you already decided its Torts' fault and now you're trying to justify it.

You expect a coaching change to work here like it did in Washington and Pitt? Yeah, that happened last time we had a coaching change...oh wait, that was a season ago...and here we are.
"championship coach" label does not mean anything for me and for Torts either. He can't communicate and is doing nothing with playing system. past loses were due to tight defense from opponents at the blue line and Rangers could not break it (dumping the puck did not solve a thing). For all the losses.. do you think he will adjust the play somehow? no, because no one really knows what to do.. Torts system of play FAILED and since it is not in place, no one really knows what to do.

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