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09-24-2003, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by IGM
What makes you think I was talking about Cujo?
I thought the wings were trying to dump Manny and keep him. I only get the attitude about cujo because a day can't go by without some blind wing fan coming in saying that a deal where the wings send Cujo to any team for Jesus Christ and all of that teams picks and prospects forever happens.

Oh, and did you have an opinion on the topic at hand or did you just drop by to say hello?
it's been a LONG time since ANYONE came in and made up a stupid freakin proposal that included CUJO in it, i agree w/ x8od, let it go man, and no, we've always been trying to get rid of cujo, manny aint going anywhere, get mad at the idiots who make the stupid ignorant proposals, not the rest of us, if you dont' like em, fine, so be it, but you're the one who brought it up here, not any of the rest of us

as for the trade, i'd do it, williams has more potential than avery yes, but avery has the spark that we need sometimes, besides, he didn't look completely horrible, williams and avery are pretty much a wash, just depends what a team needs scoring or grit, last year avery was up casue we needed the grit more than the scoring,

to face wash - the only reason avery went back down to GR last year was because stevie came back, wasn't because of the stupid penalties he took cause those died out after hull gave him a room to live in, my bet is hull gave him more than a few pieces of advice

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