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01-29-2010, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by MK7117 View Post
I'll tell you a story from this season.

Were up 1-0 start of the 3rd, this guy on the other team made a pass and watched his pass, and I put the guy down, I cleaned his clock he went down and stayed down for a bit. It was a clean it, it was with a shoulder and I didn't charge at him, but since I put him down and he was basically out they decided it was only fair if I get kicked out. Then the refs are throwing me out, the one ref is accompanying me off the ice, and this big crazy hockey Mom was just beaking at me along the way because I hurt her precious boy. So I said "eat another perogie you fat C word". I swear some Moms just baby there kids to much.

But all in all we lost 2-1. The ref told me if that kid wouldn't of stayed down then I wouldn't of been kicked out.

You sure showed that women

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