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09-24-2003, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs_Fan
This message is not intented for the majority of the Users, It's for a small group that knows who they are !!!

I was once a guest wondering if i should become a user!!! Being a Montreal Canadian fan all my live, i decided to join this board after a similar thread was posted... My original intention were to meet true fans with similar interest and i wanted to participated as much as possible... Balancing my live around my job, my wife,my kids and my passion for the game... After just a few post on this board i was welcome by a registered member named "CrAzY_NiNe" with a reply to one of my post that was vicious in nature!!! He was furious about me mis-spelling a player's name.... (Sorry for English being my second language) Needless to say that i have not shared, to many ideas with you all since... If we want guest to register, we should start by being nicer to our guest and member... We can give constructive opinion about a subject, without firing bullets at fellows fans... No need of that at all !!!

Sorry CrAzY_NiNe but things need to change, we our perceived as a joke on other forums...because of people like you !!! I'm proud to be a Canadian fan but respect other team's fan club as well...

***Do I need to appologise for my poor english gramar and orthograph, If yes ...SORRY !!! ***

A True Montreal Canadian Fan, like the majority of you all !!!

Habs fans aren`t considered a joke on other forums because were "jerks" or mean to new guys the reason were jokes or homers is because of a select group of fans who insist that traverse and brisebois is good return for Havlat

Are you sure crazy_nine got pissed at you for misspelling some guys name??? It wasn`t a trade proposal was it???

For the most part I found that the people on these boards were good at welcomeing new people. I guess there are some jerks

oh and welcome I guess I also missed you when you came in

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