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01-12-2005, 02:50 AM
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I think I have generally been seen as a 'detractor' of Frolov in the past, when I was taking a more cautious outlook towards Frolov's upside. But now I'm sold, he's going to be a star. His play in the RSL (and, to a lesser degree, the World Cup) coupled with his play of last year have me sold that this is the best player the Kings have drafted since Rob Blake. And he might be better.

Frolov is now one of only 3 players averaging a ppg in the RSL averaging a PPG, with Jagr being one of the others. (and he just might win the scoring title) That is a remarkable feat for such a defensive league. Now I'm just basing this on stats and a little word of mouth, but that it impressive any way you slice it. (especially when you realize he is already the best defensive forward on the team) I think you just might be undershooting his point totals by saying he would score 65 points if there was an NHL season and he hasn't even reached his prime. Hell, he could very well average a PPG in the right situation already. (Conroy & Palffy wouldn't be a bad a trio...) Memo to Dave Taylor: Come on, we still want Ziggy. If you're going to sign Conroy, pay up the money and keep a premier winger in Ziggy, particularly since his price will go down when the CBA is resolved.

Now I don't think he is ever going to be right at the top of the scoring races** but I can't see any reason why he wont consistently be in the 10-20 range. (and his ppg average would depend on whether scoring trends in the NHL change) And he is going to be dominant at controlling the puck. I really think Frolov has more talent than Jason Allison at holding on to the puck but Allison just had more strength and the bigger ass. (not that Allison isn't highly skilled, I just think Frolov's puck controlling abilities are that good) I remember in the WJC, when defenseman like Bouwmeester, Hamhuis & Schultz were literally helpless to take him off the puck for seemingly minutes at a time. He just completely dominated against the best 19 year old defenseman in all of Canada. And, in his first year he demonstrated that ability against NHL calibre defenseman and continued to improve in his second. When he is fully bulked up, he is going to be incredibly difficult to handle for any defenseman to handle.

Also, based on the amazing strides he made as a defensive player last year, I really genuinely believe that he should be a Selke candidate in the future. He's got that long reach, is a good a skater, and he has the brains and work ethic to be a top defensive forward. That ability, coupled with his blossoming offensive ability, clearly make him the franchise player in LA. He's quiet (kind of like Bosh, which isn't a bad comparison for those who like basketball) but he's got the talent to be a big time player.

As for actual point figures, I figure he'll clock in at 70-80 a year, depending again on whether scoring goes up or not. (while being an invaluable all around forward)

** - I threw these in because Frolov could possibly be a top-10 scorer if he happened to get paired with an absolute offensive superstar ala Sidney Crosby.

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